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Really loved this poem showing the beautiful and dark sides of rain =D

Purple Pants

Thunderous rainfall, that electrifying smell
Fat droplets rolling down the windowpane
The freshness in the air, like rain laundered the earth of all its dirt, human kind of all its vices;
Rain is aesthetic, rain is beauty.

Rain is aesthetic, rain is beauty, rain is gloom
Ask the bride awaiting her groom
Unbeknown of the fact that the rain had snatched him away.
Afterwards standing by the alter, she watched her beloved’s body being carried away.

Blank stare, rain hiding her rolling tears,
She knew never would she forget this desolation,
Never had she known this magical waterfall that was her favourite, that always caught her beaming;
Would be her worst misery, her worst torment.

But what horrified her the most,
Her next confrontation with rain.
She hoped, wished, begged to efface, blot out her memory;
Or else whenever it rained it would be her doom day, always a doom…

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A Psychology Test?

Okay, first of all, guess what?

My Autumn Break has started! 😀 I don’t have to go to school for 6 days now!


So, the day before my holidays started and before our class was going to go to assembly, a girl came into our class announced that they needed some children for class XII’s psychology practical.

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The Horror of Exams

Finally, the darned exams are OVER!

Do you guys know the horrible feeling you have in your chest when you wake up in the morning, knowing that you have an exam today and wished you didn’t waste time yesterday and had just put in a little bit more effort?

Do you guys know the feeling when you weren’t able to study from the book and only the notebook and just hope that nothing textbook-exclusive comes? And then, when it comes, that feeling when you think, “Dang it! I wish I didn’t waste my time and had just at least read the book once?”

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On Se Regarde

Another post on drama! Woo!

So,  I’ve told you about Pi: To Infinity and Beyondwhich was an intra-school drama competition in which I participated, and won 3rd prize.

So, recently in my school, there are two French competitions going on- as in, admissions are open. So I signed up for this French skit.

I made a small one minute script(I’ll add it at the end in case you wanna read it) and auditioned.

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